Notes from the 21 December Meeting – Deborah Winograd

The meeting of 21 December 2017 was called to order at 6:05, Lynn DiRusso, presiding. Lynn wished everyone a Merry Christmas and gave us a tip for threading needles (either machine or hand): wet the needle not the thread to make it easier to thread.
 Membership: Dues are due this month; Micki has the forms which should be filled out.
 Birthday Basket: The December birthday was Mary Carroll.
 Sunshine: Rose is on crutches & doing much better, but it is a slow recovery. Jan Brooks needs visitors, but please call before going to see her. Sue Latus had hip surgery & is recovering; she will have her second hip done in February. Mary Carroll is having foot surgery in mid-January.
 Fat 1/4 Fandango: This month’s fabric was won by our new member Chris.
 Falmouth Service Center: We received a thank you note for the gifts for the boy & girl. Over 300 children received gifts.
 Block of the Month: The block instructions will be sent out by email, with some hard copies available at meetings. Blocks should be made in green, blue and white.
 Raffle Quilt (2018): The top has been completed & was displayed; it still needs to be quilted. Betty, Lorraine, & Merry are the ticket committee & tickets are available.   All members must purchase $20 worth of tickets.
 Secret Sister: Gifts were distributed to the participants & the secret sister revealed. Jeanie will be taking it over from Linda with some different rules.
 Sew-In: Saturday 6 January from 9:30 to about 3:30 in the Bay Room at the Falmouth Library.
 Mystery Quilt: There will be no more clues until January; we already have steps 1 to 4.
 UFO Challenge: Deborah has agreed to be in charge of the UFO’s.
 Hospitality: The present hospitality committee will not be continuing.
 A group is needed to coordinate the summer party & Holiday party.
 Ways & Means: No ways & means this meeting, but there is a give-away table.
 Comfort Quilts: Two quilts were donated & will go to the Mashpee Dialysis Center. Other options as to where they should be distributed was discussed as well as the type of quilts to be made such as fidget quilts for the memory impaired or weighted quilts.
 Nominating Committee: The slate of officers was approved by the membership:
 Programs: The new programs committee consists of Lynn, Lori, & Tricia. They have a full calendar for next year (See list of programs, below).
 Falmouth Art Center: Each 2nd Wed of the month from 9AM - noon is an art quilt workshop/class, cost is $7/class. This group will be having their quilts on display in January.
 Woods Hole Fabric Sale: Superbowl Sunday, February 4. If you have any excess fabric, including home décor or yarn. Donations are appreciated.

Thanks to all officers, committee heads and committee members and everyone, for their participation this past year.  This short meeting was followed by the Holiday pot-luck & an ornament swap.

List of Officers, Committees
 Officers 2018:
President: Lynn DiRusso
Vice President: Jenn Linton
Treasurer: Holly Santangelo,
Co-Secretary: Deborah Winograd and Lori Crawley

Programs: Lynn DiRusso, Lori Crawley,  Tricia Currey,
Membership: Micki Tor,
Fat 1/4 Fandango: Devan Maddaluno,  and Lori Crawley,
Birthday Basket: Betsy Clark,
UFO Challenge: Deborah Winograd,
2018 Raffle Quilt: Lori Crawley,  and Susan Berteaux,
Raffle Quilt Tickets and Logistics Committee:
Fall 2018 Mystery Quilt: Joan Carpenter,
Block of the Month: Holly Santangelo,  and Florence Steadman,
Falmouth Service Center: Micki Tor,
Library Sew-In: Jeanie Weinrich,
Falmouth Art Center: Cathy Williamson,
Weekend Quilt Retreat: TBA
Lending Library: Judy Sbarra,
 Hospitality: TBA
 Sunshine: TBA
Secret Sister: Jeanie Weinrich,
Newsletter Editor & Email Blasts: Susan S. Berteaux,
Website: Holly Santangelo,
Ways and Means: Nancy DeVere, Pauli Pendleton, Sharon Benoit,

2018 Programs – Mark Your Calendar (note dates of Workshops)

18 January - Meet the Quilter

5 February Meeting - Ruth Wilcox

15 March Meeting - Comfort Quilts Sew-In (collect & bring in strips of any width)

19 April Meeting - (TBA)

21 April Workshop (Saturday) - Linda Warren Twistar workshop

17 May Meeting - Betsy & Lynn sweatshirt workshop & pocketbook with strips

21 June Meeting - Quilt shop (TBA)

19 July Meeting - Summer party

23 August Meeting (4th Thursday of the month) - Barn quilts (painting on wood) trunk show

24 August Workshop (Friday) – Barn Quilts all day workshop

20 September Meeting -Beth Helfer lecture & workshop (scrap quilts)

18 October Meeting - Auction

15 November Meeting - Amy Friend, paper piecing

20 December Meeting - Holiday party

Membership - Micki Tor
Fill out the Membership Form and give it to Micki with your dues. If you are leaving for warmer climates, please remember to renew your 2018 Membership and give your dues ($20) to Micki before you leave.   Just a reminder. In order to be listed on 2018 membership list dues ($20.00) must be paid by end of January. A membership form must accompany payment. 
 Please pay at the meeting or mail to PO Box 2058, East Falmouth 02536

Falmouth Service Center - Micki Tor
January: toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo
February: Coffee, tea, cocoa
March: Toilet tissue, tissues, paper towels

Ways and Means - Nancy DeVere Pauli Pendleton,  and Sharon Benoit

There will be no Ways and Means raffle in January but feel free to bring your donations of quilting cotton only (no home décor fabrics) for future raffles.

UFO Challenge - Deborah Winograd,
Deborah will run the 2018 UFO challenge a little differently than in past years.
 There will be 4 projects (instead of 6)
 Your UFOs will be due at February, May, August and November meetings (these dates will avoid the parties)
 Please email Deborah with your name & list of (4) projects, as soon as possible Sign up cards will also be available at the January meeting.

Secret Sister - Jeanie Weinrich,
The intention of the secret sister program is to have you get to know someone in the guild that is not one of your long-time friends.
Because Jeanie wants all interested members to be able to participate, she will run Secret Sister from the 2018 Summer Party to following year with the reveal at 2019 Summer Party. This way, Florida gals can participate and leave Christmas or any other gifts with Jeanie while they are away. Then Jeanie can give them out at appropriate times. In the same manner, Jeanie will collect any gifts intended for ladies who are away.

1. To sign up, forms will be passed out at the June meeting. You fill out the form with your name and preferences such as your favorite color, fabric lines, designers, quilting style, sewing, knitting or other hobbies you like, etc.
2. You will get your assigned sister at the July summer party with detailed information about your secret sister’s preferences that she put on her form. This will help in purchasing or making your little gifts. (Note: You don’t tell her you are her secret sister until the reveal at the 2019 summer party!)
3. Then you bring a gift for your secret sister to meetings, where all gifts are distributed. If a sister is away, Jeanie will hold onto the gift.
4. A gift does not have to be given each month but it would be nice to have a minimum of six little gifts during the course of the year.

If you have questions about Secret Sister contact Jeanie,

Falmouth Art Center - Cathy Williamson,

2018 Exhibition Schedule. All of the following exhibitions accept quilted works

 Art Quilt Exhibit: through 31 January. Opening reception, Friday 1/12 (4-6pm)
 Complimentary Colors: February 1 – 26 (Receiving January 30)
 Fiber, Wood, Glass, Clay & Metal: March 1 – 26 (Receiving February 27)
 Fakes and Facsimiles: March 29 - April 23 (Receiving March 27)
 Sky, Land and Sea: June 28 - July 30 (Receiving June 26)
 Seasonal Palette: October 25 - November 12 (Receiving October 23)

Newsletter - Susan Berteaux,
If you have questions about a guild activity or project, please contact the person in charge of that committee.

Website - Holly Santangelo,
Contact Holly if there is anything you would like to add to the website.

Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod
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East Falmouth, MA 02536