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January 16, 2020

Gus Cantu Recreation Center,

Door open at 6:00 Meeting begins at 6:30

Our own Liz Devlin will share her journey through quilting during her 20 years here on Cape Cod!

Ongoing programs: 

Ways & Means- bring fabric and quilting related items to any meeting. The items are then ironed, folded, packaged and displayed. $1 will buy you 5 tickets that you may place in a cup next the item you are interested in. The tickets will be drawn and you may go home with some great stuff.

Mystery quilt - members are given monthly clues which include fabric selection, cutting and placement. After 6, 9, 12 months the mystery is revealed.

Block of the Month- members are given instructions for completing a block which is displayed at the next meeting. Blocks are raffled off and members are asked to make a comfort quilt with their blocks.

Show and Tell- bring your most recent projects and show them off

Secret Sisters - members are encouraged to participate in this program. You are given the name of another member and for the year you bring little gifts that are given to your secret sister. At the end of the year sisters are revealed.

UFO Challenge- pick 6 of your unfinished projects and list them 1 thru 6. A number is drawn monthly and that is the UFO you must attempt to finish or make progress with. Bring you work with you to the monthly meeting for display and credit. If you participate and complete the challenge you have made room for more projects and prizes are awarded too